Building connection with baby in womb

With the help of Tibetan singing bowls, symbols and meditation

One and a half hour individual session per week


Who is it offered to?

to every expecting mother who would like to

  • recognize the changes in her body and soul,
  • ease her fear connected with giving birth,
  • recognize the baby’s messages,
  • communicate with her baby,
  • figure out what way of giving birth she would like to have, and would like to harmonize it with the baby,
  • prepare her body, soul, and her baby for the mystery of birth and giving birth via meditation and visualization.


to women who are not pregnant yet, and

  • have fertility problems (both for individually or for couples)
  • would like to have a second child, but face fertility problems / have difficulties conceiving



  • Our problems and their solutions can be observed from a different point of view in an altered state of mind caused by the vibrations of the singing bowls.
  • We can obtain information which is not available in the every day state of mind.
  • In deep meditative state we can communicate with our body and see inner pictures (of our body).
  • Our own conceiving, birth and the events of our infancy have a decisive impact on the quality of our life.
  • Working out these burdensome events is available with symbols and breathing therapy.


Contact Andrea Beata Dobos

mobile: 06/20-3580297