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Venerable dr. Khammai DHAMMASAMI DPHIL (Oxford)

DhammasamiVenerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami is a Theravada Buddhist monk-scholar from Oxford, Great Britain. He is Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, at University of Oxford where he received his doctor of philosophy in Buddhist Studies. From 2009, he starts teaching some tutorials and giving weekly lectures. He also teaches Pali and meditation at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London where he is a research associate. Outside Britain, he holds professorship at International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon, Myanmar. He is also a visiting lecturer in Indonesia, India and Thailand. He is Executive Secretary of the International Association of Buddhist Universities; he authors two books on vipassana meditation: Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy (reprinted six times)and Different Aspects of Mindfulness.

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Rebirthing therapy

With techniques of rebirthing breathing, symbols and 
Buddhist and quantum psychology aspect in English

Individual therapy of about one and a half hours once a week

Who is it recommended for?

For you, if you have 

  • physical or spiritual, relationship problems, or eating disorder
  • Fertility problems in case of individuls or couples
  • problems with conceiving a second child

For you if you want to get to know

  • content your own of consciousness and  semi subconsciousness
  • your long term goals and relatedness of your life


  • Our problems and their solutions can be observed from a different point of view in an altered state of mind caused by the vibrations of the singing bowls.
  • We can obtain  information which is not available in  the every day state of mind.
  • In deep meditative state we  can communicate with our body and see inner pictures      (of our body).
  • Our own conceiving, birth and the events of our infantry have a decisive impact on the quality of our life.
  • Working out these burdensome events is available with symbols and breathing therapy.


Contact Andrea Beata Dobos
mobile: 06/20-3580297
e-mail: dobosandrea7@gmail.com

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Building connection with baby in womb

With the help of Tibetan singing bowls, symbols and meditation

One and a half hour individual session per week


Who is it offered to?

to every expecting mother who would like to

  • recognize the changes in her body and soul,
  • ease her fear connected with giving birth,
  • recognize the baby’s messages,
  • communicate with her baby,
  • figure out what way of giving birth she would like to have, and would like to harmonize it with the baby,
  • prepare her body, soul, and her baby for the mystery of birth and giving birth via meditation and visualization.


to women who are not pregnant yet, and

  • have fertility problems (both for individually or for couples)
  • would like to have a second child, but face fertility problems / have difficulties conceiving

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